Where to Find Dairy Free Baby Formula?

One of the challenges and struggles of my life has been able to find products that are dairy free for my children. It’s interesting that my children are what prompted my wife and I to begin a vegan diet, and after eating this way for a few years we still have problems finding certain things. One item that can be difficult to find is dairy free baby formula.

Dairy free baby formula is not something you typically see in the stores, but is definitely needed. If you are not going to breast feed your children and they are allergic to casein or intolerant to lactose then you have to use dairy free formula. After doing some research I believe I have found the best formula on the market.

dairy free baby formula

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I think Baby’s Only has a corner on the market and has created a wonderful product for your allergic baby. I’ve never tried this formula with my children because they were all breastfed babies, but if I had to go with a different option then this would be the one. Here are some of the things that I love about this product:

Baby’s Only Dairy Free Baby Formula

  • Organic – Besides the fact that it is dairy free I also love that it is 95% organic. This product has no GMO’s. Trust me on this, but you will be hard pressed to find a soy formula for your baby that is organic.
  • No Corn Syrup – I think corn syrup is a terrible thing to put in your body and the body of your baby. Thankfully there is no corn in this product. We are seeing a rise in corn allergies because a lot of corn is genetically modified so this product is also great for those that have little ones that are allergic to corn.
  • Price – You can spend a fortune on baby formula, but I believe the price of this formula is very reasonable.
  • Taste – Again, I have never tried this product, but from reading reviews I have seen others note that the taste of this formula is better than most. We all know how bad formula can taste and smell so to have one that is dairy free and tastes great is a huge plus.

It can be challenging to have to care to the needs of a child with allergies, but thankfully it can be done. Products like Baby’s Only can really be a life saver for you and your child. If you are looking for a great dairy free baby formula then I don’t think you can go wrong with Baby’s Only formula. I’m glad products like these are out there to help those with children get the nutrients they need from sources other than milk!

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